Our approach

The first step in our relationship is an interview during which we listen to you to discover your life goals, your doubts, your aspirations.

Our job then is to analyse your situation in its entirety in order to develop a tailor-made heritage strategy that will enable you to achieve your life goals and secure your future.

Our relationship is long-lasting. So we remain at your side over the years to support you and adapt the initial strategy according to your professional and personal developments.

Because finance, taxation, and real estate are all in flux, it is critical to surround yourself with seasoned professionals.

In addition, our proximity to AURYS Accounting Expertise teams offers our clients a valuable comfort in the smooth exchange of information.

Because each situation is unique, we offer you a tailor-made strategy to achieve your goals :

Maximise your revenue :

Executive compensation and taxation, Wealth holding, Customised investments, Interest, Corporate savings plan, Corporate treasury investment, Life insurance, Capitalisation contract

(Re)organise your personal and professional heritage :

Wealth Holding, Donation, Dismemberment, Refinancing of assets

Reduce your taxes :

Investment optimisation, Girardin scheme, Land deficit, Agricultural land grouping, Wine land grouping, Forestry grouping

Real estate :

Tailor-made turnkey investment, Property tax reduction, SCPI, Furnished rental LMNP / LMP, Family LLC, SCI, Device Malraux

Protecting your family :

Life insurance, Key man insurance, Associated guarantees, Permanent overhead insurance, Borrower insurance, Redundancy pay, Supplementary health of manager and employees, Supervisor’s and employees’ pension

Preparing for your retirement :

Retirement savings plan, Madelin, Investments in bare-ownership

Anticipate your transmission :

Transfer of a business via a Pact Dutreil, Dismemberment, Donation-sharing, Refinancing of assets

Nathalie Faure

Head of the Social Protection Department.


Our tools to support you :

Audit and Consulting in Social Protection & Wealth Management:

Heritage balance sheet
Pension balance sheet
Social balance sheet
Provident balance sheet
Optimising executive compensation
Transmission in a personal capacity
Transmission in a professional capacity (Pact Dutreil)


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