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Acquisition audits

Acquisition audits are financial and accounting examinations carried out when another undertaking buys, acquires or capitalises a fund or undertaking.

The primary objective is to provide an objective assessment of the financial position, performance and prospects of the target, as well as the risks and opportunities associated with the acquisition. Acquisition audits typically include analysis of financial statements, cash flows, customer and supplier information, and assessments of assets and liabilities. The audit findings enable the prospective buyer to make an informed decision on whether to purchase.

Disposal audits

Disposal audits, on the other hand, are carried out by an undertaking or fund before disposing of part or all of the capital of an undertaking or a commercial activity. The goal is to prepare the company for sale by identifying key elements of the transaction, such as risks, opportunities and costs involved.

The divestiture audit also anticipates the questions of potential buyers and provides clear and transparent financial information. Divestiture audits may also include social and tax analyses, asset valuations, profitability analyses and reviews of contracts and customer relationships.

The key role of our experts in your acquisition - divestiture projects

Acquisition mergers
In the tumult of M&A, TS teams are often on the front line. She works with investment banks and independent firms to make sure everything goes according to plan. His expert eye and expertise in financial analysis allow them to anticipate potential obstacles and advise our clients accordingly.

Business development and private equity
Valuing the business is a delicate exercise. It is about determining the true value of a business, which is essential for private equity or investment funds. Thanks to their expertise in financial analysis and corporate finance, our AURYS EVALUATION experts play a key role in this process.


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