Consolidation & Reporting

Christophe Bourgognon

Partner – CPA, Statutory Auditor & Financial Valuation Expert


In a constantly changing economic and regulatory environment, the information, transparency and financial communication needs of organisations and decision-makers are evolving and increasing.

For groups that exceed 2 of the 3 thresholds provided for by the Commercial Code (€48 million in turnover, €24 million in total assets and 250 employees), the preparation of consolidated accounts is mandatory.

Beyond these thresholds, the implementation of financial reporting and the establishment of consolidated accounts present various advantages:

  • To have a support for strategic decision making and steering
  • To provide managers and their advisors with security in the accounting options chosen
  • Communicating with shareholders, investors, bankers and third parties on the Group’s economic and financial performance
  • Understand the nature and volume of economic flows and analyse the performance of each entity within the scope
  • Strengthen the control of subsidiaries by accessing detailed information
  • Make financial information within the Group more reliable and consistent
  • To have financial indicators that allow comparison with other companies in the sector

The AURYS GROUP‘s Consulting Department, specialised in assisting Managers, Finance Departments and Consolidation departments, meets your needs through various solutions.

We provide you with a dedicated team of experienced consultants, specialised in Consolidation and Financial Consulting. Our clients operate in an international environment and share our culture of excellence.

We implement innovative and benchmark tools in corporate performance management (EPM) and consolidation (Amelkis Opera, Lease), as well as agile and proven methods.

Our commitments: pragmatism and anticipation, fluidity of exchanges and coordination of interlocutors, mastery of technical and sectoral specificities, responsiveness and respect for deadlines.


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