Pay and social

Pay covers compensation of employees, which includes basic wages, bonuses, overtime, allowances, benefits in kind, etc. Pay also takes into account social contributions, which are contributions paid by the employer and the employee to finance social security schemes, such as social security, unemployment insurance, retirement, supplementary health care, etc.

The social aspect encompasses the legal and administrative aspects of relations between the employer and the employees. This includes the management of employment contracts, the management of paid leave and absences, the management of occupational diseases, the implementation of wage savings plans, vocational training, etc. The social aspect also includes the compliance of the company with the regulations and laws in force in the areas of labour, health and safety, discrimination, equal treatment, etc.

Payroll and social management is therefore a key function in any company employing employees, and requires expertise and in-depth knowledge of the regulations in force and practices in the field of remuneration and social relations.

Our social department is responsible for supporting you in your social needs:

Production of pay slips, social statements and post-pay statements,

Administrative management of staff: declaration of employment, registration with pension and provident funds, balance of any account,

Assistance in drawing up employment contracts, balances of all accounts, certificates of employment,

Assistance in case of URSSAF or labour inspection.

The objectives of the payroll audit have several key objectives:

Ensure accurate pay calculations

The audit aims to verify that pay calculations are accurate and comply with internal company policies, avoiding pay errors or omissions.

Ensuring legal compliance

The audit ensures that payroll processes comply with laws and regulations regarding compensation, tax deductions, payroll taxes, etc.

Preventing fraud and abuse

Payroll auditing helps detect internal or external compensation fraud by identifying anomalies or inconsistencies in payroll data.

Building Employee Trust

Create an atmosphere of confidence

By ensuring accurate and fair compensation, pay auditing helps to strengthen employee confidence in the company and maintain a good social climate.


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