Investment of corporate cash

David Brunet

Partner – Strategic Business Management Consultant


Corporate cash is the company’s cash on hand—the amount of money it has in its bank accounts. Managing this cash flow well is important to maximise the profitability of the business.

Here are a few reasons why investing corporate cash can be worthwhile:

Maximise profitability: By placing corporate cash, cash can generate additional interest or revenue, which can help increase the profitability of the business.

Preserving the value of cash: If the company leaves its cash in a bank account, it may experience an impairment loss due to inflation. By placing cash in appropriate investments, it can avoid this loss in value.

Financing projects: If the company plans to finance medium- or long-term projects, it can invest its cash in suitable investments to obtain the necessary funds.

Meet legal requirements: Depending on countries and regulations, companies may be required to put some of their cash in specific accounts to ensure their solvency.

It is important to note that investments involve risks and that investment choices must be tailored to the company’s objectives, needs and financial situation. It is therefore recommended to consult a financial expert to determine the most suitable investments.

In short, investing corporate cash can maximise profitability, preserve cash value, finance projects, and meet legal obligations. However, it is important to choose the right investments and consult a financial expert for appropriate advice.

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