CPA, Statutory Auditor & Financial Valuation Expert

Christophe Bourgognon

CPA and Statutory Auditor, Christophe Bourgognon is also a Certified Financial Valuation Expert (CCEF) and a graduate in financial analysis 

After several years spent in a Big4, Christophe became a partner of the firm in 2017. 

He benefits from 10 years of experience in auditing and in the transaction and valuation business. 

He is also the firm’s referent in financial due diligence (fundraising, acquisition audits, mergers, valuations) and consolidation. 

In the area of consolidation, Christophe assists international groups in the preparation of consolidated financial statements, in particular under IFRS and US GAAP. 

His expertise in the fields of valuation and financial analysis is an asset in the realization of these missions (FMV, PPA, Impairement test, transfer pricing, brand valuation, patents). 


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