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Ghislain D’Ouince

Ghislain D’Ouince holds a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering (EM Lyon) and in Market Finance (ESDES). He has more than 10 years of professional experience in investment banks and audit and consulting firms in “Corporate Finance” (Valuation, Financial Modeling, Mergers & Acquisitions). He is also AMF certified and a member of SFEV and SFAF. 

Formerly Director of Operations at NG Finance, a financial valuation and transaction services firm, Ghislain was responsible for valuation and advisory activities with a dedicated team of 20 people where he carried out nearly 300 transactions per year. He was also Sales and Marketing Director with a dedicated team. 

Ghislain was previously Corporate Development Officer at AMARIS, an international technology and management consulting firm, where he was in charge of the Group’s M&A division. He was responsible for the acquisition of the SAP business of Thales in Italy. 

Ghislain also worked as an M&A analyst at C.W.DOWNER, an independent US investment banking firm. Previously, he was a sell-side analyst at CM-CIC Securities, specializing in the construction sector. 

Ghislain is also an entrepreneur as he created MEDIC’HOME in 2010, a personal assistance company that he sold in 2012. 


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