CPA & Statutory Auditor

Laurent Colas

Recently partner in the AURYS GROUP, Laurent Colas ensures the co-piloting with Bruno Mortamet of the Oyonnax site with the help of a dynamic team of 20 people. 

CPA and Statutory Auditor, Laurent has been working with all the actors of the economic life for more than 20 years (Craftsmen, Shopkeepers, Industrialists, Construction and Public Works, Distribution, Start-ups, Liberal Professionals, Individuals, Associations…) in order to develop a long-term partnership of trust to meet their needs. 

Its areas of expertise include: 

  • Company creation: business plan, choice of legal and social status, setting up of the administrative and IT organization, support in the search for and negotiation of financing (bank, honorary loan, repayable advance…), technical support in applying for grants and subsidies, … 
  • Internal management: bookkeeping, review of accounts, preparation of annual and consolidated accounts, preparation of company tax returns and pay slips/employment contracts, interim situation, operating analysis, analytical accounting, IT support, management chart, cash flow monitoring, cost analysis, etc. 
  • Development & external growth: acquisition audit, financial analysis, economic and legal restructuring (merger, universal transfer of assets, transformation/change of statutes, renegotiation of debts…), assistance with financing choices and methods for an investment, … 
  • Advice & Optimization: conception and presentation of economic, patrimonial and financial solutions for companies and individuals, retirement & providence assessment, arbitration between remuneration and dividends, financial and tax simulations during a real estate investment, assistance during tax or social controls, negotiation and exchanges with external partners (administration, lawyer, notary, bank & investment funds, ad hoc representative, judicial administrator,… ), transmission & transfer of companies (valuation, Dutreil pact, LBO, OBO, MBO, search for new investors,…), preparation of income tax returns and real estate wealth tax (IFI),… 

Its motto: “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” (Henry FORD) 


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