Management Packages / Carried Interest

We respond to the needs of our clients in the context of valuating financial instruments designated for the entry of directors or managers of companies into the capital. We intervene in the context of LBOs or Series A, B, etc. for managers, legal advisory and investment funds.

Our finance and accounting expertise, combined with our sophisticated valuation methodologies, enable us to evaluate all types of financial instruments, from the simplest to the most complex products, including IRR conditions and/or multiple other conditions (warrant, preferred shares, convertible bonds, free shares and stock option, etc.).

We also take along with investment funds in their independent valuation of their carried interest. Our work is based on a multi-criteria approach (Black & Scholes, Trinomial Tree and Monte Carlo simulations).

Finally, we intervene in litigations to defend our clients and argue on the conclusion of our
reports in front of tax authorities.

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