Liberal Professions

Laurent Croppi

Partner – CPA & Statutory Auditor.


As soon as it was created, AURYS GROUP created a division specialising in the professions libérales, which include: doctors, dental surgeons, pharmacists, lawyers, architects, bailiffs, notaries, etc. Our team has a perfect command of the particularities of each of these professions.

We take care of the keeping and supervision of all your accounting as a liberal professional, your SCM, your SELARL, your SPFPL as well as a whole range of missions designed for your profession:

  • Study of the opportunities of association in the form of SCM, or multi-person companies
  • Analysis of the opportunities for using freelance staff
  • Evaluation of the advantages of changing from BNC to SELARL
  • Setting up of monthly dashboards specific to the activity
  • Determination of the best option for the purchase of a vehicle
  • Income tax and wealth tax returns
  • Social and tax optimisation
  • Asset assessment
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